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Using flyers as a powerful marketing tool

There are many ways to market your business. When you think of advertising your fist thoughts will probably turn to television commercials or radio advertising, but think of all of the ways that you have found out about a new business or service. Often our friends will tell us about a company they have used and enjoyed working with, or we will receive a flyer through the door. We might order a brochure or be passed a leaflet in the street. All of these methods are successful ways of marketing a business.Flyers are  particularly good because they are inexpensive and you can distribute them at a fraction of the  cost of a larger media-driven advertising campaign.

Producing high quality flyers
Distributing flyers is a cheap enough marketing tool that you can afford to use your budget wisely and have them created to a very high standard. It is important that you try not to skimp or have them produced by a low quality printing firm to save a little cash. Whatever savings you make will be eclipsed by the business you may turn away due to the lack in quality of the finished product.

What is the purpose of the flyer?
When you start to design your flyer think about what you are using it for, who you are targeting, and what you expect to happen as a result. If you are looking to draw in business by offering a promotion then let this be the focus of the leaflet. If you are looking to draw attention to a new product or service you are offering then this should be the focus of the leaflet and you should look to include images of what you are trying to sell.

Getting your point across
You might have the impression that your leaflet should be bulky or contain lots of information. This is probably not the case. If you think of the leaflets you receive, how much time do you spend reading them? This is because you, like many other people, are busy ad don’t have time to waste. If you are going to get your point across you should do it in as simple a way as possible.

Leaflet Design Print

Stick to the facts when you are talking about the item or service you want to sell. What is it and what does it do? How can it help people and why would people want to buy it? What are its key features that are not to be missed out on?

Trying your flyer out on people in the know
Once you have created your design take it to people who are in the know. Present it to marketing professionals and ask them what their opinion is. Is it likely to work and do you need to make any alterations before it goes to print? It is worthwhile gaining this information at this stage to avoid any further costs wasted once you have your flyers printed. How your flyer looks and how it is perceived will create an initial impression. You will want this impression to be a good one if your flyer is to be read and the details are to be taken in by your potential customer. Spend time thinking about the cover and the images you are using. Does it look easy to read and does it look interesting?

Taking these points into consideration will ensure that the flyer you produce is of the highest standard.


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