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Door Hangers


Door hangers have become an alternate tool of marketing for many
firms especially for small enterprises.
Door hangers are unique mean of promoting business among the local community.
Door hangers are quite cheap and the printing options are numerous.
Printing the door hangers have many options which need been
known before ordering your door hangers.

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The pros of door hangers

There are many advantages and merits of door hangers that make them popular among the business owners.

• Door hangers are the innovative and alternative means of advertisement.
These will never be treated like junk mails and people will read it before discarding.
The beautifully printed door hanger can never fail in its objective.

• Distribution of door hangers are easy and cheap as they mostly serve the
local community and can be easily put up on the front doors of the neighbors.
You can also distribute them in the nearby hotels to get easy recognition.
Door hangers in the hotel will also provide privacy to the guests.

• Door hangers focus on the local market and therefore you can print some personal message for the local community.
This will endear you to them and they can patronize your business.
Secrets for effective door hanger marketing

There are a few things which one must heed to so as to get the most out of a door hanger.

• The printing company: The company that is printing your door hangers must be a reputed one so that the printing is
impeccable and you get the best deal. Negotiate for free distribution of the door hangers.
This will save you a lot of headache relating to distribution.

• Size of the door hangers: The door hangers come in different sizes but the printing firm will always try to give you the largest size.
This may be beneficial for him but not for you. Remember that the cost of printing will increase if the size of the door hanger is large.
Choose the size in which your message can be printed easily.

• Material used: The material used for the door hanger also determines the price and popularity of it.
You can use paper or silk to print the door hanger. The door hangers can also have glossy coating or plain coating depending on your choice.
To save money, one can have a gloss on the front side and uncoated paper on the rear if the design is on the single side.

• Perforation and scouring: If you have added any coupon to the door hanger,
then be sure to avail the perforation option so that the coupon can be easily torn off.
If you want folds in your door hangers, scouring can be opted for.

Contemplate before you choose door hangers as marketing tools
Though the door hangers have many advantages, one must also understand the shortcoming that comes with it.
• The door hanger is suitable only to cater the local market and therefore, only small business houses will be the actual
gainers and not the big brand.

• It is a one time promotion tool as the design can’t be used again and again.
• They don’t have mass impact.

If you think that the advantages of door hangers overcome the disadvantages for your business, then door hangers
are one of the best means of advertisement. This unique method of marketing can give you the profit that you envisage.


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